An experiment in Christian creativity, wrapped in words, delivered by screen, slower than Amazon Prime, faster than the Pony Express

The Scattershot Report is a free, variety publication by members of the Lord’s church, not focused exclusively on Bible teaching or church news. While both those will appear, so may book reviews, artwork, poetry, photography, interviews, recommendations, social commentary, voices from the past, tidbits of human interest. Our goal is an array of writers turned loose to talk about whatever appeals at the moment. To that end, we hope to field a host of eager contributors. As we’re just getting started, and small at that, please do be patient. If you’re intrigued, subscribe with your email address and come along the journey. If you like anything you see, tell a friend...

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Ron Thomas
Preacher, husband, father, grandfather
One of God's little people.
Jordan Willis
Christian, husband, father of two, student. I am convinced that I wasted a good portion of my youth pursuing trivial matters, so I am making up for lost time...
Coffee enthusiast, IT amateur, & abecedarian teacher. Logan is a graduate of the Florida School of Preaching. He is often found roasting coffee with friends.
Weylan Deaver
preacher ~ hunter ~ songwriter ~ alumnus: Southwest School of Bible Studies, FHU, Bear Valley Bible Institute ~ adjunct prof. Tennessee Bible College
Clint Brown
Christian, husband, father, preacher. Jack of all trades; master of none.
Cheri Deaver
Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, Bible class teacher, secretary and quilter.