A poetic tribute to online shopping

Card of credit at the ready
Easy chair and light down low
Just the thought has got me heady
Captivated by the glow
From the tablet on my lap
Pulls me in like tractor beam
O, the buttons I will tap
While, sits melting, my ice cream
Reading customer reviews
All eight hundred and eleven
There’s no time for headline news
Here in cyber-shopper heaven
I could work and save up money
Take a trip to the Bahamas
But my eyes can’t handle sunny
And I do best in pajamas
You can call me unproductive
Yet I’ve got it all in gear
There’s this freakishly seductive
Siren song inside my ear
It says “customers also bought”
I’m a moth drawn to the flame
There’s no way to not get caught
And the website is to blame
So, half past late and still I stare
With bleary eyes and mind in lull
Did I even comb my hair
At least the shopping cart is full.

(© Weylan Deaver)