The year, I think, was the Fall of 1981. I was playing rugby with the only team from Marion, Ohio; we were playing Ohio Wesleyan University on campus in Delaware. I don’t remember whether we won the match or not, but I remember very well being caught from behind. In rugby there are no forward passes allowed (rugby is similar to football, but different in this respect); all passing must be backward laterals. Defensively, I was playing outside center, which put me in perfect position to intercept one of those laterals. I did! As I was running with much energy down the field toward the end zone for a “touch” (football: touchdown), I was caught from behind by “Speedy Gonzales” (had to be his name!); not only did he catch me, but his tackle drilled my right shoulder in the concrete-hard dirt. I don’t remember much of the game, but I remember that.

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