Love’s Roller-Coaster Marriage

A male and a female get married. They think they know one another well, but soon learn not as well as they thought. They move into their first home together, he leaves the seat up, she has hair everywhere. The roller coaster slowly treks up the first hill, half way up. Children come into the family; the son is an athlete while the daughter is homecoming queen. He is tough, she is sensitive. The drama surrounding both is a bit much, but the parents are glad to be there to help with the navigation because they once were. The roller-coaster car begins to crest. The children move out of the house, empty nest settles in; what to do? The newly-weds 25 years ago get reacquainted, go many places together, waste gas, eat out, spend money frivolously (every now and again). The roller-coaster car has crested and is halfway down the highest hill of the ride. Fifty-five years after marriage have come and gone, the roller-coaster car comes to a rest. The husband and wife of nearly 6 decades gets out and stands on solid ground, reflecting on the ride. What a ride! It was joyous, aggravating, concerning, and now they can’t believe it’s almost over. Oh, how they would like to ride again! Time’s up, another newlywed lifts the safety bar and sits down. RT