New book on inspiration

Published by the Warren Apologetics Center

A new book on the Bible’s inspiration is about to be published by the Warren Christian Apologetics Center (order here). The following description is from their site:

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Thomas B. Warren commented that he had “studied books by the dozens in which men have sought to prove the inspiration and authority of the Bible. Yet I have been keenly disappointed in all of these books in at least one point. . . .” What was his disappointment in these books? He said it was “namely the fact no basic logical argument was set out to explain why what men did actually showed that the Bible was the inspired word of God. Spurred by that failure . . . I was motivated to give thought to this matter over a period not only of months, but of years. . . . I am convinced that I did develop the basic argument for such proof.”

The Utterance of God is the realization of Dr. Warren’s dream to produce a book with the logical argument, and the proof for the argument, that assures YOU the Bible is the word of God.

Over 20 qualified writers contribute chapters such as “The Basic Argument which Proves the Bible Is Inspired, Infallible, and Authoritative;” “What the Bible Claims for Itself;” “The Meaning of Inspiration and Revelation;” and “The Presentation of Jesus Christ in the Bible.” Other topics discussed include Bible view of epistemology, of God, of origins, man, and of salvation; predictive prophecy; unity; astronomy; medical science; all-sufficiency; inexhaustibility; literary superiority; ethical superiority; inerrancy; universality; text, canon, and preservation of the Bible; a special study of the influence of the Bible on America’s Founders.