Our logo

A big thank you to my youngest, Ethan Deaver, for the marvelous logo design. It went through several iterations, and he greatly improved on my original ideas. The brace of pistol-gripped shotguns signifies the “scattershot” nature of what we publish—subjects that vary over the mind’s landscape. We range from the frivolous to the super-serious, and in no particular order. Obviously, the logo is not meant to imply violence, but, if you’re offended by mere images of firearms, this may not be the place for you (Some time back, Apple took away the pistol emoji that used to reside as an option on my iPhone, replacing it with a green water gun, evidently as a gesture of political correctness, “wokeness,” leftist sensibilities, whatever). Alas, back to the logo, you’ll see a lone star, fitting for a publication launched and headquartered in Texas. And, there’s the 2020 establishment date at the bottom: the year no one will ever forget as long as he lives (I’ve no problem using the masculine singular pronoun to stand for everybody, as per what used to be normal, commonsense usage). Ethan does incredible art on paper or iPad (though mostly digital). He’s self-taught, but top-drawer, and excels at drawing unmistakable faces. I expect you’ll see some of his work pop up on this site from time to time.