Proverbs 16:1. The plans of the heart belong to man; But the answer of the tongue is from Jehovah.

How are we to understand this? Looking at the following verses, the answer may lie within them. Whatever plan a person generates, sets forth to accomplish, if the Lord is against it, the Lord’s will / purpose will be the answer. As you compare with 16.2, a man has a genuine belief in the wisdom of his plan, but a man can deceive his own heart, while the Lord is never deceived. So, instead of generating your plan apart from the Lord, “commit your works (plan) to the Lord” (16.3) because His way always wins. In our small minds, it is not possible for us to put our arms around the idea that nothing happens without His knowledge and, as we very much know, decisions made brings consequences. So, are your plans in accordance with the Lord’s way or your own? #proverbs, #plans, #deceivinghearts, #wisdom