I have often said “partisanship” is a norm in a person’s life. He or she is partial toward something, even passionate about that partiality. Some are Democrats, some are Republicans, some are of a political party different than these. I am, also, a partisan. I am heavily partisan to the Lord Jesus. I take the approach of Paul in Galatians 2:20.

That is not to say I have no political loyalty, but it does say my loyalty to a political party pails in comparison to the Lord. How about you?

The nature of man is such that he feels compelled to rely on something or someone that he thinks has a better understanding than him. Unfortunately, in the world of man, the vast majority lean on their own understanding and become increasingly oppressive toward those who fail to submit their particular wisdom. The religion of man, consequently, is a self-defeating, pagan religion of despair. It was the prophet Jeremiah who spoke and wrote that for one to lean on the wisdom of man, that one has no wisdom at all.

The wisdom of man dies with him, going to the ash-heap of all the other ideas of man. It is far better for the trust of man to lean on the Lord, learn and live by a wisdom not of this world (Jeremiah 17:5).