Restoration of NT Christianity is crucial to godliness. It is crucial to godliness because, first, the soul that embraced the Lord’s way is a changed person, one with deep conviction. Second, this conviction that is within can’t help but to talk to others and give a reason of the hope that lies within (1 Peter. 3:15). Third, where there is more than one in the same location, these ones gather together to worship the Lord, praising His high and holy name. Perhaps the world can be turned upside down.

On the other hand, when conviction is not in place, a life is not changed. When a life is not changed, problems arise in the way of thinking of those not changed. From this, strife and innovations arrive. The image associated with this little exhortation is the Sandcreek Church of Christ; five, maybe six miles from where we once lived in Illinois. Now, the church building stands empty; the grounds are manicured, but there is no church.

What once was a matter of conviction and commitment became confusion and a cast away.