The Scattershot Report (02.04.21)

Welcome to The Scattershot Report. Thanks to all who have hopped on board, thus far, as email subscribers. And, thanks to the small roster of contributors who have begun posting. We hope to grow both groups. If you received this, you must be an early adopter. If you’ve not visited the site, here are some links to begin with.

For starters, here’s an explanation of what it’s about.

See Clint’s good harmonization of James and Paul on faith and works.

Randal offers a smattering of his poetic talent (he has many talents) here and here and here, etc.

Check out Ron’s pieces on getting caught from behind, or restoration, or partisanship, etc.

Weylan’s begun a series on what’s in his study (so far, parts one, two, three, four).

There are other items in the as-yet-tiny but growing archive, such as book recommendations and an explanation of the site’s logo. Please use your social media to help spread the word (or forward this email) if you know other members of the church who might be interested in reading what we hope to offer. Thanks for looking. Aim small, miss small.