What's in Weylan's study #2

Your occasional peek into objects of interest (or not) to be found in the room where I spend much of my life

Here’s an old wooden ruler, like we used to have at school. It came out of my grandfather’s desk (Roy C. Deaver, 1922-2007). He wrote his name on the back of it. But, in the upper right corner, you might be able to barely make out the writing, “FR. BCG MATERIALS.” I believe it once belonged to B. C. Goodpasture (1895-1977), past gospel preacher and editor of the Gospel Advocate. If I recall, my grandfather asked for a memento after brother Goodpasture’s passing, and was given this little wooden object. It’s interesting that tiny stick of wood, designed and originally purchased to be a tool, passed to another owner, transformed now into a sentimental thing. Then it came to me and rests on a shelf, a diminutive reminder of two giants in the Lord’s church in the twentieth century.